Climate Zones and Weather

Gary Westlake

Today's Weather from Environment Canada:

Air Pollution affects plants as well as us.

Here is today's Air Pollution Index for Peterborough from Environment Ontario

Most of our area is 5a although near lake Ontario, there are some places that are 5b and further north some that are 4b. You will find much variation from place to place within your own garden depending on structures, shelter, wind conditions, snow cover and what you do to protect your plants. However, if you live in zone 5a and you are dreaming of a plant from zone 6, be prepared for your dreams to be dashed some year.

Average temperatures of Peterborough vary from

-8.9 deg. C in january to 19.1 deg. C in July.

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Average total precipitation for each year in Peterborough is 780.6 mm and monthly averages vary from

72.4 mm in September to 57.2 mm in February.

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