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a tour that will give you ideas about gardening
presented by the Peterborough and Area Master Gardeners

For the gardener who would like to learn more about how experienced gardeners create their gardens, the Peteborough and Area Master Gardeners are offering a garden tour of 10 interesting gardens in Peterborough...

Let's face it June is the best time to see most gardens at their best.

June 21, 2014
10 a.m. to 4 p,m.

Join us and learn about:
  • gardening with edibles
  • sun and shade gardens,
  • front yard gardens,
  • gardening on hills and in small and large spaces,
  • creating ponds and restful spaces,
  • urban chickens,
  • community gardens,
  • and much more.

Tickets will be available at some Garden Route locations including:

The Avant-Garden Shop
165 Sherbrooke St. Peterborough
Gardens Plus
136 County Rd #4 Peterborough
Griffin's Greenhouses
3026 Lakefield Rd Selwyn

Master Gardener Specialty Plant Sale
The Master Gardeners will be offering divisions of some of their favourite plants at one of the gardens.

Featuring 10 Great Gardens to Learn From

1. A Garden Where the Pool Was
The owners have transformed their in-ground pool into a sunken garden. The Stained Glass Studio will be open for viewing.

2. Gardening with Vegetables
An evolving permaculture system on this property integrates a greenhouse with an innovative water catchment system, herb, flower and perennial vegetable gardens, composting, food preservation, seed saving and cold storage. Paula will be offering some of her edible plants for sale.

3. Community Garden
Over 30 allotment plots utilized by individuals, families and organizations to grow food.

4. Gardening Large
On a hill overlooking Peterborough, this one acre garden shaded by mature trees features a large waterfall and pond. Master Gardener Specialty Plant Sale

5. Gardening on the Hill
Situated on almost one-half acre, the garden comprises three terraces on a steep slope.

6. The Art of Gardening
Just two summers after house renovations and major changes to the ground topography, these small gardens have become places of beauty, meaning and escape.

7. A Garden in Front
The front yard consists of a collection of perennial flowerbeds. Using the principle of Shakkei, this garden borrows from views of the neighbours.

8. A Woodland Garden
The mature trees provide a canopy of shade where mass plantings of Hosta and Heucheras thrive. The garden has a pond, waterfall and Victorian gazebo.

9. Gardening in a Small Space
Variety and creativity is possible in a small space. By planning and paying attention to plant size, blooming time, sun exposure, scale, cutting back and using vertical space and containers, you can have whatever you want.

10. Urban Chickens
What can you do with a backyard plot 25'x 50'? Well, come and meet Hildegard, Matilda, and Gertrude and find out. These Rhode Island Red hens have been around since June, 2013.

Here is a poster that can be printed with all the information about the tour.

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